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Flood Renuion at Sutton-on-Sea

Sutton Flood Anniversary Reunion took place on 31st January 2003 at 7.00 pm. at the Grange & Links Hotel, Sandilands, near Sutton-on-Sea. Despite heavy snow especially over the Lincolnshire Wolds, 95% of the people who had planned to attend, did make the trip. Some came from as far away as the south of England and also Cumbria in the north.

Tim and Linda Watson

Former Sutton-on-Sea resident Tim Watson organised the reunion to mark the 50th anniversary of the flood. "It seems too good an opportunity to miss for a get-together of those of us who were living in Sutton at the time" says Tim.

Tim Watson
11 Holly Mount
London NW3 6SG

Tel: 020 7435 8873

Although the flood was the focus of the reunion, the main purpose of course, was to bring together old friends, neighbours and school chums from the early fifties. Many people were overwhelmed at meeting people that they had not seen for years.

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