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Hardware Stores in Sutton-on-Sea: Trade and DIY... Watson Home Hardware

Watson Home Hardware
32 High Street, Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire LN12 2HB
Tel/Fax: 01 507 441 523

more at 15 High Street, Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire LN12 2EZ fax (01507) 441230

We are a traditional hardware business hoping to provide you with that sought-after item. An established family business, we offer a vast range of goods including Robert Watson Hardware 32 High Street:

• Cookware
• Kitchenware
• Housewares
• Fireside Assessories
• Electrical Appliances
• Cleaning materials
• Lighting
• Batteries
• Home Brewing Equipment
• Water Filters
• Dyes

Robert Watson Hardware 15 High StreetRobert Watson Hardware 15 High Street

Our staff are cheerful and friendly and are delighted to show our extensive ranges of products to customers. These include many leading brand names at competitive prices. Our staff are always keen to help with purchases whether they are large items or a few loose screws or nails. A free delivery service is offered to help with bulky goods.

We are members of the Home Hardware group of retailers and you can see our latest special offers at

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Please visit our other Store at 15 High Street Sutton-on-Sea