for Seaside Holidays in Lincolnshire

Remembrance Sunday in Sutton on Sea

Remembrance Sunday is well supported in Sutton on Sea centered around the War Memorial found to the left of the main pullover. The adjacent Meridale community centre also supports the event each year with an exhibition remembering Sutton on Sea's soldiers.

Remembrance Sunday 2018

Pages of The Sea in Sutton on Sea 2018 marked 100 years since the end of the First World War. A cool and damp day did not prevent a good turnout of people paying their respects. The Meridale's exhibition boasted new placards remembering the local residents who fought for us all.

After the remembrance service, as part of a UK wide project called Pages of the Sea, a portrait of Lieutenant Basil Hicks was drawn into the sand on the beach to be washed away by the tide later that afternoon.